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  • For bikers with heavy loads riding narrow trails, QuietKat’s Single-Wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer is a convenient and versatile solution.


    This trailer handles a 100-pound load capacity in a compact 14” x 24” space. The single 20x4” tire makes it a seamless fit with any QuietKat hardtail eBike. Plus, the sleek design and rear suspension allow for extra stability, letting bikers carry oversized loads over all kinds of terrain.


    The fully redesigned cargo trailer features a quick-connect system. Simply pull and push the pin to open up the assembly, connect it with the bike bobbin, and move the assembly forward to latch with the bike.


    The Single-Wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer also attaches to QuietKat full-suspension models and other electric bike brands with the additional purchase of a BOB Axle.

    All-Terrain Cargo Trailer

    • New Features

      • Pannier Rack: Increased cargo mounting options
      • Solid Mesh Cargo Liner: A durable cargo floor for heavy loads
      • Dual-Post Kickstand: Ensures your trailer is secure while parked, loading, or unloading

      QuietKat’s All-Terrain Electric Bike Cargo Trailer also includes a new dual-post kickstand—it'll keep your rig steady even when fully loaded down. It also has a solid mesh cargo liner to keep everything safe and secure in transport.

      Whether you're carrying a cooler, camping equipment, hunting gear, tools, firewood, or a quartered elk, the All-Terrain Cargo Trailer is up for the job.

      QuietKat Compatiblity:


      Click here to purchase a Bob Axle for full-suspension QuietKat eBikes

      Other Brands E-Bike or Standard Bike Compatibility:

      For use with other electric bikes or pedal bikes, you will need to purchase a BOB Axle from the Robert Axle Project or Standard trailer bobbins available at any local retailer.

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